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    Midwifery Scholarship

    Applications accepted May 5th - July 5th.

    Recipients announced August 16th

    Extending our Impact.

    Midwives are near and dear to my heart for many reasons.

    Years ago, I thought I was called to become a midwife after the birth of my first child. I did become a birth doula for several years, and I had the pleasure of having midwives attend my own births in all settings from hospital, birth center and home.

    As I became more entrenched in creating and growing my product line; I had to come to an understanding that I was never going to become a midwife. As much as I love birth, helping mothers and their families - I knew this business was a calling on my life. As I mourned the dream I once had of serving mothers & their family as a midwife; I had an epiphany that I could still have an impact on the birth community even if I was not a midwife. My company could offer annual midwifery scholarships that would extend far beyond the the reach I would ever have had as a midwife in my community, thus having as greater impact and influence in many communities all over the United States.

    - Cindy

    We believe women deserve midwives.
    Babies deserve midwives.
    Families deserve midwives.
    The world needs midwives.

    - Cindy, Founder of Euphoric Herbals

    Meet our Previous Winners

    Learn more about our previous scholarship winners below by clicking on their image.

    2018 Winner

    2018 Winner

    2018 Winner

    2017 Winner

    2017 Winner

    2017 Winner

    2016 Winner

    2016 Winner

    Sarah Trost, Texas

    2016 Winner

    Uala Lenta, California & Mexico