Calm Cream

Calm Cream

$10 - $33

Calm Cream is best suited for those with sensitive dry skin.

INGREDIENTS: Raw organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic calendula infused sweet almond oil, organic flaxseed oil, organic aloe vera gel, non-GMO vitamin E and beeswax.

Calendula is has been used throughout history in skin preparations. Calendula is beneficial for dry or damaged skin. Calendula treatments can help soothe contact dermatitis from environmental causes. Sweet almond oil is used in various cosmetic and skin care products. Sweet almond oil is non-greasy, is absorbed easily and leaves your skin feeling soft. Sweet almond oil was used as early as the 16th century as an effective moisturizer. 

Natural properties of Shea Butter include Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Vitamin A has been proven to aid wound healing while Vitamin D has been proven to promote skin cell growth.