Where does this store ship from?
Delaware, also known as Del-where? ;)

What is this store's return and exchange policy?
We accept returns of only unopened products excluding shipping fees paid or a $3 stocking fee, whichever is greater. 

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?
We sure do! WE ship to Canada, the UK, Australia and Europe quite often. We have shipped to 49 countries thus far.  It is the customer's responsibility to find out about your country's customs regulations relating to the products you wish to import. The customer is responsible for their country's customs fees, duties, and/or taxes, if any, which are usually collected when the order is delivered to you. Customer assumes the risk for any products confiscated or opened by customs.

Are your lactation blends safe for pregnancy?
The lactation blends are NOT safe for pregnancy.

Do you guarantee your products work to increase milk supply?
All of our blends work to increase milk supply. However they all do not work exactly the same for the same person as we are each are unique and can respond differently. When trying herbal supplements to increase milk production trial and error is necessary, there is not a a way to know precisely beforehand which blend will work best for you.
 We can not guarantee a specific outcome or result, individual results may vary.

Why isn't my coupon isn't working?
There are a few reasons your coupon may not be working.
1.) Some coupon codes have a limited use per person.
2.) If you are choosing a "Subscribe & Save" feature it already has a built-in discount with it, therefore additional coupons can not be applied. 
3.) The coupon expired. 
4.) The code is being entered incorrectly.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Please allow up to 4-5 BUSINESS DAYS for your order to be processed. Please be aware processing time and transit times are not the same thing, allow time for your order to be processed plus transit time to reach it's destination. 
If your order is lost, destroyed or misrouted due to mail service error I encourage you to contact your local post office, ask to speak to the Post Master to file a claim. We will assist filing a claim on your behalf if your order had insurance and replace your items.  Only orders sent Priority Mail or with a minimum value of $50+ are automatically insured. 

How do I track my order?
When your order is shipped you will receive an email with tracking information, please check your junk or spam folder if you don't see it. You may also log into your account to retrieve tracking information. If you don't have an account, you can create an account using the same email that was used to place your order - once your new account is activated your past order history will load into your account. 

Orders shipped Priority mail include insurance.
Orders valued over $50 and shipped First-Class will recieve insurance.
All international orders over $100 in value include shipping insurance. 

What's your background?
As a San Francisco bay area native, natural healing has always been apart of the culture I was raised in. During my first pregnancy I embraced holistic healing on a deeper level and began a journey of self-education. Initially my love for herbalism just started out as a means of healing my own family, then it grow to helping families within my own community. Then it expanded to assisting my own doula clients with herbal healing for the childbearing year. Not too long after I opened my shop on Etsy mainly offering herbal teas and salves. It has since grown to roughly 30 different products. My clients continually inspire and encourage me to offer new products to meet their needs.
The herbal goodies you hold in your hands have been crafted by me alone from conception until they reach your mailbox. From formula development, packaging, labeling and mailing. I take great pride in the products I provide to you.
The steadfast support of my regular customers has motivated me to enrich my education further so I can better serve them.
I consider it to be a high honor when someone is ill or seeking to improve their quality of life they come to me first for guidance. It humbles me greatly that I have had such an impact and influence.

Only a physician can diagnose, treat, and prescribe for illness or disease. As an herbalist, I neither diagnose nor treat disease. Nor do I prescribe remedies.
The human body has the innate power to heal itself. Without this power to self-heal, even the most advanced medications and procedures would ultimately fail. The role of the herbalist in this healing process is to consider the client as a whole person and to consult with the client concerning changes in lifestyle, diet, and supplementation of herbs and/or vitamins to foster an increased state of balance and health. Thus maximizing the body's self-healing capabilities.
Euphoric Herbals, LLC encourages and advises clients to seek professional medical advice regarding any illness or disease they are suffering from. Background health information can aid in the process of a holistic, herbal program and therefore can be shared at the time of the herbal consultation. Any concerns about your health and supplementation with herbs or diet should be done in consultation with your physician. Although speculative interactions between herbs and drugs are sometimes publicized, confirmed cases are rare. It is the responsibility of the client to discuss with their physician possible interactions of herbal supplements and medications.
Euphoric Herbals, LLC is not liable for any possible adverse reactions and side effects of the herbal supplements you decide to take. The client must accept ownership and responsibility for their own health; including negative consequences and positive outcomes.