Brand Advocate

Apply to become a Instagram Brand Advocate for Euphoric Herbals. We choose a limited amount of people per year, selecting new brand advocates about once every 3 months. 

Having an business is a lot more fun than I anticipated, one of the most enjoyable things I've done in my business is create a brand advocate program. Anyone can apply to become a brand advocate. This is a great opportunity for existing and potential customers be apart of our journey to help grow a global brand.  Often people that are apply to become a Brand Advocate are very interested in trying products, however might have limited financial resources but have extra time to spare. This is an ideal opportunity for someone in that situation. 

Brand Advocates really enjoy being apart of the program and connecting with other women that have similar interests. They often ask if they can be a Instagram Brand Advocate again. For me, I feel this is a fun and authentic way to grow the Euphoric Herbals brand. I also very much like getting to know my Brand Advocate more than "just a customer". 


- Brand Advocate term last 30 days.

- Earn store credit.

- Your IG account will need to be public, or you can create a separate account if you prefer.