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    Meet "Blossom": the Ultimate Mother's Lounge Caravan

    Before I could even drive I've always wanted a vintage Volkswagen, preferably a bus or a Karmann Ghia. I actually wanted a vintage VW bus so I could tour with Phish after I finished high school. 

    I was chasing down this crazy idea mine about a week or so ago about using a vintage Volkswagen bus for events, however the practical part of me surfaced thinking of the cost ($20-70K) of buying a fully renovated Volkswagen bus plus the maintenance of it all. While my idea was running crazy and I was searching for a vintage vans instead of vintage VW bus, somehow I came across the idea of a vintage trailers for business from Pinterest

    I stumbled upon this little gem, I scheduled a phone call that day! I was smitten over it. The idea of taking this caravan with me to events stocked with Euphoric Herbals products in a comfortable lounge for moms & babies just had me swooning.

    I had come to realize that the past 2 years when I attended events and shows, I found it challenging to translate my brand offline in my community. Setting up my booth like I had done so many years ago when I first started just wasn't working nor satisfying to me. When I came across this vintage beauty I suddenly became obsessed with it when I never had given vintage campers any thought. I was pinterest all day just researching the concept of mobile shops & boutiques. I even created a board dedicated to caravan ideas & inspiration, it was getting deep. 

    I mean seriously, it is GORGEOUS! 

    How perfect area is this to come and relax while enjoying a cup of tea?!

    I learned that sometimes we have to let our imagination run wild and chase crazy ideas because it might lead us to a place of brilliance.

    I'm lining up some events for this summer and fall in Delaware, Maryland, DC and Pennsylvania - check back for tour dates. I hope to see you there, please come and say hello!