Five Tips to Beat the Heat throughout Your Summertime Pregnancy

Being pregnant (especially very pregnant!) during the summertime can be a challenge.  Growing a small human takes work, and the heat of summer can often make a pregnant person feel more uncomfortable than usual.  Here are five tips to help any pregnant person stay as cool as a cucumber even with a “baby on board!”

Dress for the heat!
Natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, allow your skin to breath and your body to stay cooler.  Consider going sleeveless or choosing a comfortable sundress instead of pants and a shirt.  Keep some fun sandals or flip flops on your feet and don’t forget a fashionable hat with a wide brim to help reduce the heat when you are outside in the sun.

Hydrate with tasty beverages
Invest in a quality insulated water bottle that will keep your drinks cold for hours no matter the temperature or where you wander. Drop in lots of ice and consider adding a splash of your favorite juice, tossing in a wedge of lemon, or even adding some electrolyte tablets.  Keeping your drink nearby and handy will make it easy to remember to drink frequently, and the tasty drink inside will encourage you to enjoy hydrating even more.

Cooling neck towels
Purchasing a couple of small, specialized towels that cool you down as they evaporate will benefit you throughout your summertime pregnancy and can be a great item to have in your birth bag to use during labor as well.  Draping them across the back of your neck is a surprisingly effective method of cooling yourself down.  Repurposing them for labor will help you feel more comfortable when your body is working hard to birth your baby.

Chill your house down
If you do not have air-conditioning, consider keeping your curtains or shades drawn to prevent the sun from heating up your home during the hottest part of the day.  When the outside temperature cools down in the evening, open up the windows and doors to encourage a cross breeze and use a fan to encourage cool air movement.  Try making meals that don’t require using your oven and making your living space even warmer.

Sleep time suggestions
Going to sleep when your bedroom is still toasty warm in the summer can be very uncomfortable.   Being pregnant already causes sleep interruptions, and having it be too hot to sleep doesn’t help.  Enlist the help of a fan to help cool things down, and spray your bottom sheet gently with a cool mist from a spray bottle before settling into bed.  The sheet will be cool to the touch but not wet at all, and you will immediately feel a relief  from the heat.  Add a drop of your favorite, calming essential oil to help you relax and fall asleep.

Be pregnant and be cool!
Pregnancy during the heat of the summer is never any fun and can be downright difficult.  These simple suggestions are easy to implement and help you to stay cool and comfortable even when the temperature is rising.  What are your favorite tips for staying chill during a summertime pregnancy?   Let us know in the comments below.

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