Doula Approved Apps For Fertility, Pregnancy, And Beyond

This doula LOVES apps! Especially fertility + ovulation apps. However, I don't necessarily recommend them to my clients and readers as the #1 source to getting pregnant.

Fertility + Ovulation apps should be used as a guide and basically like a journal. For you to record and jot down everything that is happening leading up to the days you realize you are most fertile and ovulating. This means it takes time and commitment.

These apps help you better understand your body and womb and how it processes daily things such as stress, sleep amount, anxiety, and more. This way, you know how your body is not only telling you via symptoms how and when you will ovulate but you can also FEEL it.

Fertility + Ovulation apps in conjunction with fertile eating, stress relieving activities, a great support system, and intuitive listening are the ways, all together, that will help regulate and pinpoint the big "O". Makes sense, huh?

Trying to conceive can be fun but it can also be such a huge question mark for some of us. Modern day fertility has provided us with some great and amazing ways to help you stay on track. While I have my own ways that I guide mama's-to-be through their preconception plans and fertile journey, I really wanted to chat about my favorite gadgets and resources to help with all of your ovulation and fertility needs.  

There are a few ways to keep track of when you're ovulating and when you're the most fertile. Including different ovulation tools, cervical mucus, charting, and apps (hello! welcome to 2019). However, a positive fertility journey doesn’t just start and end with tracking your cycle - it also includes making sure that you are and feel supported through this time. I’ve taken the time to test a quite a few apps over the last month to bring you a real and honest review. I’ve listed a few that I found to be most effective for mind, body, and spirit.

  1. Fertile Alchemy and her Preconception Plan is amazing.

Created by an amazing women’s wellness specialist - Fertile Alchemy is a great space and place to tune into your fertility regarding pregnancy and beyond. Bre helps you understand your cycles and track them so that you are much more successful in understanding and pinpointing your ovulation and fertility spurges.

  1. Glow App

The Glow App has to be one of the first apps that blew my mind. There are so many options and communities that this app provides. This app has been the most consistent and spot-on when it comes to my cycles and ovulation day. This app also includes options that make sense for modern day women such as “I’m considering fertility treatments” or “I want to preserve my fertility.” It doesn’t stop there. There are also info and programs that Glow offers including the Glow Fertility Program. This app really is one of my favorites that are out there right now. It’s diverse in race and sexuality and is easy and comforting to use.

  1. Peanut App.

This is where Modern Mama meets community. This app is really great for those mama’s that are looking for support in any way, about any thing. It’s a cool way for you to meet mama’s or add your current mama friends and set up playdates, mama’s night out, and more. It’s so hip that it’s like a dating app for mama’s! You can add friends, swipe until you find a mama with interest’s like yours and chat! I’ve seen women chatting about postpartum and the fertility journey for their next baby.

  1. Motherly Website.

Motherly has a special place in my heart. Though Motherly doesn’t offer fertility specific programs or apps - the support is beyond. From the whimsical imagery and language to the online childbirth education classes, Motherly is really a great space to subscribe to whether you’re trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or going through loss. There is a great podcast and selection of videos on pregnancy and birth. I would suggest Motherly when your head is spinning and you would like to read and see real-life happening before you - good, not-so-good, and absolutely amazing.

That’s my round up! I suggest downloading these apps and visiting these sites to get a feel of them all yourself. They all serve a complete different purpose that helps make up a fertility journey that will leave you feeling full and inspired. Calm and collected. Supported and prepared.

Give them a try and remember, you’ve got this mama.

-  Kayla Bitten, Guest Contributor
The Modern Doula.

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