Applications accepted May 5th - July 5th.
Recipients announced August 16th

Extending our Impact.

Midwives are near and dear to my heart for many reasons.

Years ago, I thought I was called to become a midwife after the birth of my first child. I did become a birth doula for several years, and I had the pleasure of having midwives attend my own births in all settings from hospital, birth center and home.

As I became more entrenched in creating and growing my product line; I had to come to an understanding that I was never going to become a midwife. As much as I love birth, helping mothers and their families - I knew this business was a calling on my life. As I mourned the dream I once had of serving mothers & their family as a midwife; I had an epiphany that I could still have an impact on the birth community even if I was not a midwife. My company could offer annual midwifery scholarships that would extend far beyond the the reach I would ever have had as a midwife in my community, thus having as greater impact and influence in many communities all over the United States.

- Cindy

We believe women deserve midwives.Babies deserve midwives.Families deserve midwives.The world needs midwives.

- Cindy, Founder of Euphoric Herbals

Meet our previous winners

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2016 Winner

Sarah Trost, Texas

2016 Winner

Uala Lenta, California & Mexico

Midwifery Scholarship


Scholarship Winner $1,000 
Runner-up scholarship $500
Honorable mention prize $100 Gift Card

Scholarships are paid directly to the school of enrollment.


1. Enrolled in a midwifery program
2. US Citizen.
3. GPA 3.0 or higher
4. Must be able to practice legally in your state
5. Intend to practice in an Out-of-Hospital setting.


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