Opening an Herbal Apothecary in Delaware

We are opening the very first herbal apothecary in Delaware!!!

I'm excited and nervous as retail is a totally different ball game than e-commerce. While we have over 10,000 customers in 58 countries, I think it's only natural to have fear of not being as successful with a retail store. I've looked at several towns and locations; I narrowed it down to Milford, Delaware.  Milford still has the small town charm to it but yet is growing rapidly. Also there isn't a proper herbal apothecary within 90 miles from Milford - clearly there is a need for one. 

We are still scouting out locations and looking at potential spaces available for lease. 

621 N. Dupont Blvd Milford, DE. 

Our retail space will be used to sell our finished products, a variety of raw materials (herbs, nut butters, beeswax, carrier oils) for purchase, loose teas (herbal, green, black, etc) and we will move our shipping department to the store as well.  We will also allow pick-up of online orders at the apothecary. Additionally, we will offer "refills" on our products as well for local customers at a discounted rate. We will also carry products from other carefully selected botanical companies. We will also host events and further build on the customer experience for the community. 


  • Heather D

    I am so excited for Delaware (especially for Milford!) to have such an amazing resource available! I CAN NOT WAIT for the store front to open!

  • Mallory Talbot

    I saw your stand at the farmers market today in Milford. I cant wait!

  • Chelsie Barrett

    Please look into The Natural Choice Apothecary, as her products would fit very nicely,in with yours and I’ve been a customer of both you and her for over 5 years and have continued to come back time and again.

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