Lion’s Mane Powder

Lion’s Mane Powder

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"All systems firing" - your brain

This delicious blend is the perfect addition to coffee, tea, smoothies, and breakfast bowls.

Our Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract is cultivated on wood, dried, powdered, & steam extracted for three hours to ensure bioavailability and ease of absorption.

Our mushroom tested specifically for beta-glucans as these are the most well-researched, beneficial compounds in mushrooms. We also test for starch which is used to show that our products contain no fillers of any kind, Just 100% pure real mushrooms.

It's a brain health superfood that helps support memory, focus, creativity, nerve health, Clarity, and mood.                                         

We offer our Lion's Mane powder extract in an easy-to-use form factor; powderized! 

This makes it easy to brew into tea, add to your coffee, blend into your smoothie, or bake into your recipes!

No matter the end application of the Lion's Mane that you create, our powder makes it EASY to use for you, your friends, and your family to use