Chakra Healing, Herbs & Tea


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About this experience

Light refreshments & tea are included. 

The chakras are energy map of sorts. They link physical and mental symptoms to emotional issues and life lessons. They guide you t
o understand the connection between physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental dysfunctions. We will discuss the potential health issues associated with each of the seven main chakras and how to bring healing to them through self-care and inner reflection. We will discuss the use of specific herbs and essential oils to support such healing.

You will learn:
where the seven main Chakras are located, what organs and life lessons they govern.
- how your Chakras are trying to communicate with you
- which herbs and essential oils work best for specific chakra healing
practical techniques to bring your Chakras back into proper alignment allowing you to regain good physical health and mental well-being.

Get to know your Instructor: Teresa Swank
Besides being a Motivational Life Coach, Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Reader, Teresa Swanke is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and Reflexologist. She has held numerous workshops such as: Understanding Chakras, Personal Empowerment, Identifying Blockages and Learned Beliefs, and Reiki for Pets. She loves teaching and has experienced great joy certifying others in Reiki and Angel Tarot.
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