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    Midwifery Scholarship Winners!

    Mama Tribe, Earlier this year I announced our first annual $1000 midwifery scholarship. Midwives are near and dear to my heart for many reasons. Years ago I thought I was called to become one, I did end up becoming a birth doula for several years and I've always used midwives for my own births. Offering this scholarship is something that is very important to me.
    I believe women need midwives.
    Babies need midwives.
    Families need midwives.
    The world needs midwives.


    We had 26 amazing phenomenal women apply for the scholarship! The incredible panel assisted in helping me review these scholarships, I'm so grateful for their wisdom, support and experience in this process.

    Upon making the initial announcement my plan was to offer only one scholarship, just $1000 and that's it. However, this process was more emotional than I anticipated and it was so hard to choose just one. So I decided to offer "runner-up" scholarships of $500 to the other 2 finalists from the top 3 picks and $100 gift certificates to two honorable women.

    Before I make the announcement of the scholarship winners, I just want to thank everyone that applied. We honor and recognize the incredible calling of midwifery in your life, we wish you prosperity and success in your journey. I'd also like to thank everyone that shared this scholarship with others, I appreciate it very much.


    Nubia Martin $1,000
    Uala Lenta $500
    Sarah Trost $500
    Fern Compton $100 Gift Certificate
    Jennifer Ete $100 Gift Certificate

    If you won a scholarship or gift certificate I'll be in touch with you next week about receiving it.

    Please keep in touch as later this year or early next year we will be also offering a lactation consultant scholarship.