Let's work together!

We have a variety of ways to work together! From event sponsorships to blogging collaboration to brand programs, we'd love to see if we could partner with you.

Partnership Opportunities

Brand Advocates and Affiliates

We work together with micro-influencers to seasoned influencers on both short-term and long-term campaigns. We'd love to get to know you better and see if we'd are a good fit for each other. As a brand advocate you can earn gift cards, discounts and free products. If you have a strong social following and know how drive traffic, you may qualify to become an affiliate where you earn a commission.

We also collaborate on giveaways on social media campaigns and community events.

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If you're hosting an event online or offline and think Euphoric Herbals could add value with product giveaways, we're always open to exploring opportunities and would love to hear more about your idea or event.In the past, we've partnered with Le Leche League events, parent expo's, breastfeeding events, holistic health sponsorships and more.

Henry Ford famously said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”. We love to collaborate with others, online and in our community. While we do already have astrong global social impact, we don't shy away from giving opportunities if it's the right fit and if we are able.

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Bloggers & Writers

We work with a variety of bloggers that partner with us as contributors. If you're passionate about holistic healing, women's health, motherhood and all things birth – plus love to write – we might be a great fit!

We have a robust blog that is a wealth of information regarding herbs, pregnancy, holistic remedies, postpartum, lactation, etc. We are always open to adding new writers to our team for a long-term partnership.

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For any information on working with us, feel free to reach out!