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"Tried about nine different products before I tried Milky Mama Tea. Couldn't tell much difference with anything but in one day went from pumping 5 oz to pumping 9 oz! I have to drink about five cups a day but this stuff works!" - Kirah

"I’ve been using Dairy Fairy supplements for over a year and my 13 month old has been solely breastfed the entire time. I truly see a difference using these supplements over other brands! Thank you!!" - Rebekah

"I've gotten the breastfeeding bundle and the milk machine and lush leche bundle as well. They have all helped even if it was a tiny bit it helped build my supply. I have finally been able to satisfy my baby this week and not had to supplement with formula." - Bayly

"Oh my word. I had been struggling with my supply for about 1.5 months and was doing everything I could not to give up on breastfeeding. I love the connection and wasn’t ready to let go yet. I found Milky Mama Tea and gave it a try, noticed an improvement right away!!" - Alisha

"An amazing product! I have used Euphoric Herbal supplements with each of my breastfeeding journeys. These products truly do work! I typically notice a bump in supply even after just one use! Super grateful for these products to help assure longevity of supply!" - Brittany Z.


Small Batch

We make our products in small batches using the highest quality products from vetted suppliers that have a reputable history. We document the entire process from beginning to end, only partnering with suppliers and vendors with good standing reputations that also follow GMP, regulatory compliance and FDA.

Organic Ingredients

We use organic ingredients in all our lactation products 100% of the time. Choosing organic is important because it's not only the best for your body, but it's also best for the planet.

Best Quality

We work with the highest quality suppliers and we source only organic fair-trade herbs whenever possible. We require microbiological testing and a Certificate of Analysis from all of our suppliers for every ingredient we use in our products. Quality assurance means that we also test for heavy metals, minerals and impurities.

Purchase with Purpose

We know you care about the products you purchase and consume, and what impact they have. No one takes that more seriously than we do. We're a mission driven company that extends well beyond the small state of Delaware, USA.


Omg!!!! 🙌🥰

I’m a believer in milk machine and dairy fairy. I definitely had a increase in my supply by 4 oz. I have just ordered another bundle and I’m sure I will maintain a healthy supply! - Tiffany