Is Your Placenta in Your Birth Plan?

By Tamara Morales of Placenta Mom

Placenta is a valuable tool for women recovering from pregnancy and childbirth and many mothers worldwide benefit from the placenta’s healing properties. Thankfully, despite our western culture viewing the placenta merely as a by-product of birth, more and more women are embracing the time-tested wisdom of placental remedies, and are rediscovering how these remedies can transform their postpartum experience. Moms of all walks of life enjoy the benefits their placenta capsules have to offer them during their transition into motherhood and for the last six years I have been honored to help these moms during this amazing time of their lives as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.

Though the placenta has been greatly valued by midwives and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners for thousands of years, my personal placenta journey started back in early 2006 when I had extremely severe postpartum depression following the birth of our first daughter. So, two years later when the surprise of finding out I was pregnant again occurred I knew I needed to explore all of my options. We are a very natural living type of family, so when I found placenta encapsulation it really did not even occur to me that it could be perceived was strange or even gross. However, I do acknowledge that for most people there is definitely an ick factor, and it even took my husband a little more time to get on board. It literally was as I birthed our placenta that he realized it was much too important to not take advantage of its benefits and once that placenta is gone it is gone for good. I always tell people that my PPD happened for a reason and being able to provide this amazing service to local area moms is that reason, and has been the most fulfilling work of my life, apart from being a wife and mother.

The placenta contains a rich array of the mother’s own hormones that assist with milk production, bonding, and recovery; boosts energy levels and immune function; and reduces inflammation, postpartum bleeding, and stress. It also contains high levels of iron, protein, nutrients, and minerals to help the mother recover and rebuild following her pregnancy and childbirth. Mothers who take placenta capsules report earlier and enhanced breastmilk production, less postpartum bleeding, more energy, and a faster, more pleasant postpartum recovery. Placenta capsules can also reduce the incidence and severity of postpartum depression, and help new mothers to cope with stressful life transitions. Most people think placenta capsules only has to do with PPD, but as the above list of benefits shows it really involves so much more and really comes down to balance and general well being for the new mother.

My PlacentaMom clients call their placenta capsules their “happy pills” and say they would never give birth without doing this for their postpartum period. Over 60% of my clients are first time moms and they comment on the noticeable difference in their whole self when they forget to take them or think they no longer need them too soon after giving birth.

Nature has provided a simple means to make the transition into motherhood easier for women and more peaceful for their entire family. I tell clients that are on the fence all the time that they have one placenta, take advantage of it. Every baby and every postpartum experience is different so, why risk having a rocky adjustment when the key to postpartum wellness is really inside you.

 Is your placenta in your birth plan?

Tamara works with moms birthing throughout the greater Sacramento, CA area. For more information please visit her website

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