Healing a Nursemaid Elbow Naturally

Last week started off kind of rough; as if Monday's aren't hard enough I ended up at the children's hospital with a preschooler that had a nursemaid elbow. For those who aren't familiar with a nursemaid elbow, it's "simply" a dislocated elbow. A common childhood injury in children 2-4 years of age. Since I have 3 boys, I am no stranger to nursemaid elbows. The things motherhood teaches us we would never anticipate. 

So what does a nursemaid elbow have to do with the herb nettle you ask? Great question! I'll get to that in a bit. 

Back to a nursemaid elbow, my first experience was with our first son. This was a first-time for us so we took him to the ER, waited hours, got an Xray and then they performed one simple technique which easily put it back in place. The second time it happened I turned to trusty YouTube to watch a video (SEE HERE) and put it back in place myself. It was easy peasy! Unfortunately resolving a nursemaid elbow isn't always so easy. 

Our youngest boy, Silas, got his first (hopefully only) nursemaid elbow Sunday night. I tried immediately to resolve it.  It didn't work. As soon as we got home within an hour of it occurring, I tried the two techniques shown in the video again twice more. Didn't work. I also immediately gave him Arnica 200C for the swelling and pain about one pellet every 30mins plus Chamomilla30c to calm him. Then a dose of Motrin just before sleeping for the pain and inflammation. 

The next morning his elbow was still the same so off to the pediatrician we went. The pediatrician nor his nurse practitioner also were unable to resolve it. I wasn't expecting this.  Meanwhile I had brought my homeopathics with me and gave them to him. We left the pediatricians office with an appointment at the children's hospital to see a pediatric orthopedic.  


After arriving we had an Xray to confirm there was no fracture. Then the orthopedic tried the "reduction technique", unfortunately it still wouldn't go back in place. Apparently there is no way to tell how or where it's exactly dislocated with an Xray nor an MRI. Now it's casted for 3wks to "rest". The words "rest" and  "Silas" really don't go well together in the same sentence. I call him "Silas the Sleepless Sadist" for a good reason. I digress, in 3 weeks when we return Silas will get another Xray to make sure there wasn't any small fractures missed and hopefully it will sleep back in place easily, or maybe just be supernaturally be in place when the cast comes off. I'm praying it is for his sake and for Divine intervention. 


Now let's talk more about natural remedies for dislocated joints and broken bones. Last summer my eldest, Reed, had a gnarly broken bone.  The remedies used are similar, for both I use Nettle.

For Reed's broken arm I gave him a supplement of horsetail, silica and bioflavonoids. I tried to increase his protein consumption, omegas & DHA, plus homeopathic remedies arnica and staphysagria. I also made a custom herbal infusion for him he drank mostly the first week of nettle, chamomile, lemon balm, oat straw and a touch of comfrey.   A week after his radius and ulna was reset, he had a follow up Xray to make sure it was in the correct position and the tech saw new bone growing already! Kids are so resilient and our bodies are truly amazing.


For Silas' dislocated elbow my main objective is to focus on the inflammation concerning the joints and tendons.  I'm giving him nettle, chamomile and a hint of devil's claw. Additionally I have some type I and III collagen powder on it's way. If you are looking for an herbal remedy for inflammation I have have two options in my shop available, Feverfew & Jamaican Dogwood Extract plus the Turmeric Supreme for inflammation and pain. Both are made by Gaia Herbs. 

I hope that helps give you some tips and ideas for on how to help heal nursemaid elbows and broken bones. I'll try to remember to update this post after our follow-up appointment to let you know how it goes. Meanwhile Silas is in no discomfort, he was doing an arm crawl on the kitchen tile floor and spinning in circles like nothing ever happened. Oh those boys......

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