Herbal Postpartum Set

Herbal Postpartum Set - Euphoric Herbals


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A perfect postpartum gift set for mom and baby.

This gift set includes:

Sitz Bath, 2oz - soothe and heal the perineum.

Afterbirth Ease Tea, 2oz - minimize postpartum cramping and soothe a tired womb.

Milky Mama Tea, 2oz - enrich and increase milk supply.

Baby Balm, 1oz - for diaper rash, dry skin, cradle cap, cuts, etc.

Super Salve, 1oz - for mild abrasions and skin irritations, safe for nursing.  

Newborn Herbal Bath - A refreshing soothing blend of herbs designed even for the most gentle skin. To be used postpartum to bath with your baby for enhanced bonding and healing.