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Thailand Mission Trip

For 20 years I've had a desire in my heart to go on a international mission trip and serve.

I had the opportunity when I was a teenager to go to Romainia but my mother didn't allow me to go sadly despite begging and intending to my own fundraising. It wasn't long after I went into the military right after I graduated high school, met my sweetheart and life happened. We got married and had two children. Yet still the desire to go on an international mission trip never waned. I thought the time had finally come, I found a group going to Haiti around a time of year that seemed to work out for our family. I was ecstatic! It seemed soon after I found out I was pregnant again with our 3rd son, the time of the mission trip I would have been about 7 months into my pregnancy. Clearly that wasn't going to work. I was super bummed but I knew one day this desire I had been carrying all these years would come to be. I had faith and hope!

Finally this month I'm headed across the globe to Thailand for my first mission trip!!! I'm excited to help, serve and learn during this amazing opportunity. So why am I telling you about this? Well me being gone will impact shipping since I'm my only full-time employee and we are weeks away from moving into our first facility (more on that later). I had hoped we would have been moved in by December, well November to be honest....but big projects always take longer than anticipated and are surely a lesson in endurance and patience.

Please if you have been planning to order or need to order, do so BEFORE the 28th. We will resume shipping Monday the 13th. I do hate to cause a disruption in processing orders, but I hope you can understand how important this is to me. I can hardly believe I've been waiting 20 years for this moment. 

I also want to encourage you that if you have a desire or yearning for something in your heart that you are passionate about please don't give up on it! If you are called to it believe and have faith it will come to fruition when the time is right, it may be in 5 years or in 15 years. It will be worth waiting for my friend. 💗

Thanks for your understanding and support!

In Kindness, Cindy