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    Gifts for the Mom in your Life

    Gifts for the Mom in Your Life

    New babies are often showered with a mountain of gifts — from burp cloths to baby blankets. But new moms need, and deserve, just as much as the new bundle of joy. Whether she’s your friend, wife or fellow member of your mama tribe, the moms in your life deserve something that will make them feel loved, refreshed and truly special. We can help!

    Here are gifts that every mom can use:

    Some quiet “Me” time

    What you gain with motherhood, you may lose in your personal time. Whether it’s a long, hot shower or a good book — these things may be a fleeting luxury for many moms. But self care is an important key to mental health. These cold winter days call for the perfect cup of tea. A
    tea steeper and a mindful blend — like theWellness Tea Bundle — can go a long way to reclaiming some of that precious “me” time.

    A bit of bling
    What woman doesn't love a nice piece of jewelry? The makers over at Compliment make a variety of artisan of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other goods. Plus, Compliment is a company that gives back. A purchase you can feel good about.  







    Her choice

    You’re not a mindreader. So let her pick what’s perfect some products from our store with agift card. Everybody wins!

    A hot bath 
    She may not get the chance to pee alone during the day, but every mom should reclaim the bathroom after the kids go to bed for some much-needed relaxation. She deserves a steamy, hot bath to melt away the day’s stress. Find out her favorite scent to add aromatherapy or a fizzy bath bomb along with it. Know a mom-to-be? The
    Newborn Herbal Bath is a great way for her to bond with baby while getting the benefits of a postpartum bath herself. She will come out of that bath like a new woman.


    Pictures with her in them
    While there are hundreds (thousands?) of kid pictures on her phone, how many actually have her in them? Take the time to snap some candid shots of her in day-to-day life. She’ll be able to look back on those for years to come. For an added surprise, go old school and print out photos that she’ll love. Online sites like Shutterfly made it as simple as upload and go.

    DIY massage
    Motherhood is a full-time job — with no PTO, sick days or personal leave. But agood massage could be just what the doctor ordered. Who says you have to pay spa prices? You can DIY that back or foot massage withMuscle Mend Salve.

    While a special surprise never hurts, know that appreciation and love are truly priceless — gifts that every mom deserves each day.